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Serving Children - 11/07/2013
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Each year the Ohio District of Kiwanis International selects a statewide project that aids in serving children throughout the district in a meaningful manner.

This year in Ohio, Kiwanians will be focusing their service efforts on the 2013-14 Governor’s Project “Healthy Kiwanians, Healthy Communities.”

This is an emphasis program that focuses on health. The concept is that Kiwanians should take steps to improve their own health to lead by example and then work with schools, communities, and recreational facilities to assist or institute health programs to improve the health of children and community members. The “healthy” projects can include nutrition, exercise, immunization, doctor’s visits,...

Let Us Toot Our Horn - 09/01/2013
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See a need, try to remedy it.

Springfield Kiwanis was told of a shortage of musical instruments at Schaefer Middle School through its Builder's Club connections. From discussions with Assistant Principle Jeff Sherby the Club was introduced to LINKS [Loaning Instruments to Needy Kids] program he was familiar with in the Cincinnati School System. He also informed the Club of a similar program that was in conjunction with the Dayton Symphony Orchestra. In that program groups collected musical instruments to be loaned to prospective music students.

Kiwanis Youth Services committee picked up on this need of students within the city school system and took action. Several Saturday collections were scheduled...

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     The Photo above represents the Community Service Committee.

     Co-Chairs this past year were Jim Miller and Joe Morrow, pictured at the Heritage Center Kiwanis Adopt - A - Garden site by the parking lot, standing with members of the committee Jeannine Fox & Tom Trempe.
     Have you been in downtown Springfield recently? If you have, the pots of flowers on each lamp post have certainly caught your attention. Really striking, however, are the mass of beautiful flowers that grace the esplanade [that section of our center city from the United Senior Center and the Heritage Center on the West to the Courtyard by Marriott on the...

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Pictured to right is David Dern, Springfield Kiwanis Club Foundation, who presented a $3000 grant for Children's Literacy to Clark County Literacy Coalition Executive Director David Smiddy.

The Springfield Kiwanis Club, through its own Foundation, continues its support for the Teaching Children to Read program at the Warder Literacy Center.

Reading is considered to be a fundamental skill needed by students to be successful. For a variety of reason there are students who do not achieve reading success in the classic classroom structure. The Literacy Center success with these students is based on a structured one on one tutor program . The goal for each participating child is to...

Reach out and Read ! - 04/30/2013
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In conjunction with the Parent-Infant Center arm of Rocking Horse Community Health Center, the Young Children Priority - One committee is collecting books, especially Board Books for Infants & Todlers to read while visiting this facility.
    There will be a Plastic Container for these books at upcoming meetings. Here are some guidelines for choosing Books for Children.

Tips for selecting the best books for your kids:

      These guidelines detail the kinds of books that are most suitable for children of different age groups. You can also download Reach Out and Read's Annotated Book List for Children for a list of doctor-recommended books for children...

What if your Mother's Day gift could save a child's life? - 04/26/2013
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Mother’s Day comes around just once a year. For a limited time during this season (March 1 through June 15), we are offering a special giving opportunity, a way to recognize your mom, the mother of your children or any inspirational woman in your family, club or community by making a gift that matches the generous love of her heart.

A gift made to The Eliminate Project through the Mother’s Day/International Women’s Day Fellowship honors a special woman, as well as the universal love mothers everywhere share with their children, by helping to eliminate the threat of maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

When you give a Mother’s Day Zeller Fellowship, you’ll help save or protect more than 690 live...

Hello Friends of the Food Bank. - 03/17/2013
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There are 2 easy ways this week you can help support our local food bank--

      Participate in Wittenberg University's Empty Bowls this Thursday March 21 from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. You get to choose a hand made bowl, fill it with delicious soup and enjoy a humble meal with your family and friends.

     Send a text message ....How easy is that? We have a rare opportunity to feed people through texting that will cost you nothing (unless your cell service charges for texting).
      General Mills has challenged us to get our families and friends to text "Hunger 45503" (our zip code)  to 35253. Remember to add the space between...

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Do you have one? An instrument from your days in school band residing in the
basement, in back of a closet? Pull it out and let it be heard again. If you valued your
musical education experience consider sharing it with students who may not be
financially able to be involved.

Springfield Kiwanis, with the help of their service foundation and the co-operation of
Kincaid's and the Springfield Upper Valley Mall will be collecting used musical instruments.

This pilot project involves collecting and refurbishing musical instruments which will be
given this year to orchestra students at Schaffer Middle School. Springfield Kiwanis
members along with Schaffer Builders Club will man collection stations...

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If you would like to help as a Mentor/ Reader at Kenwood Elementary or assist with the Builder and Key Clubs you will need to signup for Springfield Schools Volunteer Training program.

The Springfield City School District regularly schedules training sessions throughout the year. The district requires volunteer training for anyone who is working in any capacity at any site and/or program operated by the District.

The next required training will be offered at the Clark Center, 1500 W. Jefferson Street, On Wednesday, March 6th, from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

Participants of the training will be issued a voucher for a criminal background check (to be paid by the District). Photo ID's will be taken and then...

ARE YOU CONNECTED? - 01/29/2013
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Technology is becoming an integral part of the lives of the majority of Americans. What many of us 'baby boomers' and oldsters grew up with as efficient communications methods no longer works with the younger generations who thinks even email is TOO SLOW.

We as Americans are in love with our mobile devices ! We now use those Smartphones etc to browse the Internet for information, text our families and friends, email our business colleagues, post statuses in social media platforms, and much more. They are our constant connection to the world around us.

To put things into perspective, consider the recent data provided by Business Insider. It shows the landscape of the US smartphone market, its popularity,...